Prepositions of place: ON/IN/AT

05/07/2021 · Tips for improving your written and oral english


For a point on a surface:

On the table

On the floor

For a position along a river, coast, lake...:

On the west coast of the province

On the left bank of the river

For a floor in a building:

On the third floor

For a public transport:

On the bus

On the train



For enclosed spaces:

In the house

In the garden

In a box

For workplaces seen as a location:

In the office

In a hospital

For countries and cities:

In Barcelona

In Japan

For class:

In class



At a particular point:

At the end of the road

At the entrance

At the desk

For activities and companies or businesses:

At Mary´s party

At Macy´s

At the hairdresser´s

For home/school/college/university:

At home

At school

For addresses:

At 853 Shefield Road

At 12 Greenland Avenue