Novedades de English Homeland (Mayo/2021)

Encuentra aquí las últimas novedades de English Homeland, tu academia de inglés en Santiago de Compostela y Milladoiro.

24 may

Differences between TAKE, BRING AND FETCH

24/05/2021 Tips for improving your written and oral english

TAKE: This is a verb used when we want to say "carry from one place to another" (from here, to there) So we might say: Are you taking an umbrella? She will take the kids to school today I will take the books to the library today   BRING: This is a verb used when we want to express the action of "carrying towards the speaker" (moving from there to here) So we can say: Can you bring the shopping when you come back? The postman has brought some letters today She always brings good news  ...

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Differences between while/during/for 21 may

Differences between while/during/for

21/05/2021 Tips for improving your written and oral english

WHILE: It is a conjuction that means during the time that or at the same time that:  She was watching television while we were reading the magazine I didn´t notice it while she was there They danced while the music was playing *While is often followed by verbs in the past continuous tense   DURING: It is a preposition that means throughout the duration of: Wild boar usually travel long distances during the night She lives in Spain during the winter My purse was stolen during the conce...

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