Novedades de English Homeland (Abril/2022)

Encuentra aquí las últimas novedades de English Homeland, tu academia de inglés en Santiago de Compostela y Milladoiro.

Verb distinction MEET & KNOW 18 abr

Verb distinction MEET & KNOW

18/04/2022 Tips for improving your written and oral english

MEET   Meet is talk to somebody for the first time or by chance. - They met Peter during their holidays - I would like to meet him! Meet is to arrange to be at a particular place at a specific time. - Let's meet for dinner after our exams - The Reading Club members meet on Saturdays   KNOW   Know is to have a relationship with someone after having been with this person for some time. - I have known Rick ever since we were at school. - I know Alison and Daniel, they live in Boston.

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Phrasal Verbs with LOOK 4 abr

Phrasal Verbs with LOOK

04/04/2022 Tips for improving your written and oral english

Phrasal Verbs with Look that can be useful for enriching your vocabulary. 1. Look after To take care of someone or something I need to find someone who can look after my dogs this weekend while I’m on holiday. 2. Look ahead To think about and plan the future Let’s look ahead to next month’s projected sales figures. 3. Look around/round Visit a place and see what is there Do you want to have a look around/round town this afternoon? 4. Look at To consider or examine something, usually b...

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