Notice the differences between Advice and Advise !

17/03/2022 · Tips for improving your written and oral english


Advice is a noun. It talks about something someone tells you to do, because they think it is the best course of action.

When we have a problem, and we don't know what to do, we ask someone for their advice. We ask them what they think is best for us to do

Let's look at some examples of the word advice.


- You should talk to Laura. She always gives excellent advice and she always knows what to do. 

- If you need some advice about which courses to take, you can talk to the professors.The professors can give you helpful input about which courses are best to take.



Advise is a verb that means to give advice. 

This verb must always be followed by the person we are advising. In this way, it is just like the verb tell. The salesman advised the customer to buy the product.


- The salesman told the customer it was a good idea to buy the product. The experts advise the president about complex situations.

- The experts advise them about complicated situations that could arise.