24/06/2021 · Tips for improving your written and oral english

Future simple: 

I will go //  I won´t go // Will you go?

We use future simple to speak about a one-time, unplanned future action:

- The weather will be great in August

- They won´t find the keys

- The guests will arrive after lunch

- Will you come with us?


Future perfect:

I will have gone // I won´t have gone // Will you have gone?

We use the future perfect to refer to actions finished before a future time:

- She will have finished her thesis by august

- They will have had lunch when you arrive

- By the end of this week we will have completed our assignment


Future continuous:

I will be going // I won´t be going // Will you be going?

Future continuous is used to express that an action is in progress at a specific future time

- This time next year, my mother will be enjoying her retirement

- In a couple of hours they will be watching the stars in the performance