Differences between while/during/for

21/05/2021 · Tips for improving your written and oral english


It is a conjuction that means during the time that or at the same time that: 

She was watching television while we were reading the magazine

I didn´t notice it while she was there

They danced while the music was playing

*While is often followed by verbs in the past continuous tense



It is a preposition that means throughout the duration of:

Wild boar usually travel long distances during the night

She lives in Spain during the winter

My purse was stolen during the concert

I head strange noises during the morning



It is a preposition that means during the continuance of. It is followed by a period of time.

I have lived in Madrid for three years

They haven´t seen their families for a long time

The play lasted for over three hours

*For is often used with present perfect, although it is true that it can be used with past simple when talking about a completed action in the past.